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Benefits of Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese – A Healthy Choice

Compared with cheese made from cow’s milk, goat cheese, like goat milk, is easier on the human digestive system, especially for those who are lactose intolerant,  Additionally, goat cheese is lower in calories, cholesterol and fat.  Goat cheese is also richer in calcium and protein, and has the added nutritional benefits of naturally occurring vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin.  

What makes goat cheese easier to digest?  Although the levels of lactose in goat cheese and cow’s milk cheese are similar, the fat molecules in goat milk products are smaller and the fatty acid chains are shorter, making these products easier to digest. Even for people who are not necessarily lactose intolerant, goat cheese can be easier to digest than other dairy products.  And goat cheese is a great alternative for those who have a cow milk allergy.

What’s more, goat cheese is a rich, creamy full flavored cheese.  It is incredibly versatile – an excellent addition to most dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Goat cheese is perfect smeared on a bagel instead of cream cheese, crumbled on a salad or pizza, or simply served on a cheese plate with fresh fruit.

Our goat cheese is not made with any added preservatives or hormones.  Only the freshest prime quality milk is used, ensuring that our goat cheese has a clean finish with little tang.

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