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Serving suggestions:

Cheeseboard pairings

  • Silver Goat ® Plain with bread or crackers and fresh fruit or a drizzle of honey or jam
  • Silver Goat ® Herb or Garlic and Herb with toasted nuts and crudités
  • Silver Goat ® Tomato Basil with crusty bread, fresh tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil
  • Silver Goat ® Honey with fresh brioche bread – perfect as breakfast or dessert!
  • Silver Goat ® Crumbles mixed with olive oil and lemon, served with toasted pita or pita chips

Wine and Beer pairings

  • Silver Goat ® Chèvre pairs nicely with Chablis, Sauvignon Blanc, or Syrah. Our fresh goat cheese also works well with a pale ale or wheat beer.

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Stuff chicken breasts or ravioli with fresh goat cheese before cooking
  • Roll in toasted nuts or bread crumbs, slice into medallions, sauté or bake, and serve on a salad with fresh or dried fruit and a light vinaigrette
  • Use as an ingredient in quiches or crumbled on pizzas
  • Spread on a bagel or toast or use in an omelet with smoked salmon or sautéed mushrooms
  • Spread on crusty French bread with grilled chicken and roasted red peppers to make a delicious sandwich








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