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The Story of Silver Goat®

In 1989, three partners with over 100 combined years of cheese loving experience joined together and created Silver Goat® cheese. One partner had a relationship with the Israel Agricultural Department and was asked to develop a market for kosher goat cheese in the USA.

With this mandate, they began importing fresh goat cheese curd from Israel.  Applying cheese know-how acquired from their days of importing French goat cheese, the partners developed a French recipe to turn this curd into fresh goat cheese. Within two years, they had developed a national brand – Silver Goat® Chèvre.

In the ’90s, they moved production to North America. And today, that same recipe is used to make our goat cheese from the freshest milk of three different breeds of goats – the same breeds of goats they collected milk from in Israel.  The goat farms we use produce sustainable sources of high-quality, additive, and preservative free milk.

Our recipe has never changed; we pride ourselves on it.  Silver Goat® cheese has a wonderful creamy texture and mild flavor.  With a low moisture level, our fresh chèvre is easy to serve and use in cooking applications.  The cheese is Kosher and a perfect option for vegetarians because we use microbial rennet.






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